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"Buddhism" is a term invented by Western scholars and it remains popularly used today for what is traditionally called "Buddha Dharma", that is, the Teaching of the Buddha. In fact, Dharma itself is the true nature of life itself: Impermanence, Unsatisfactoriness, Non-Self, whether Buddha arise or not.

These universal truths are not totally and clearly seen by people generally, much less realized by them. During a certain time, a special being arises who realizes by his own effort these universal truths in all its clarity and totality, and this being declares it for the benefit of others -- such a being we call the Buddha.

The Dharma is the true nature of life. Knowing Dharma or even aspects of it gives us a vision of true happiness and spiritual liberation. To do this, basically one has to know one's mind, train it, and free it. This is of course not easy. So one has to begin with some level of personal discipline (moral conduct), which is the basis for mental discipline (concentration), which in turn leads to spiritual liberation (wisdom).

The most common way to know Dharma is to asking questions and discussing. Since we are not yet enlightened people (like the Buddha), we need to know Dharma for our own happiness. For the benefit of others we, need to make Dharma known.

Know Dharma, make Dharma known!

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