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BBC Documentary : Jesus was a Buddhist monk

1) Holy trinity, the father, son and holy ghost
Triple Gems, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

2) Jesus 's mother is Mary,
Buddha's mother is Maya

3) Jesus's father. Joseph
Buddha's father Sudhodana

4) Three wise men came to see Jesus during his birth
Three wise men came to make predictions during the Buddha's birth

5) Jesus's virgin birth
Buddha's mother had a dream that a white elephant impregnated her

6) Earlier Nestonian church portray of Jesus with aurora over his head
Buddha is always depicted with aurora

7) Earlier church uses Lotus with cross on top of it
Lotus was always used to portray enlightenment

8) Gospel = good news
Sutra = good instrument

9) walking on water in the bible
many cases of walking on water in the Buddhist texts

10) Jesus fasted
Buddha fasted for 40 days

11) Christians are the second religion which their priests and nuns are clibate. The first religion is Buddhism

Buddhist texts were written down during Jesus time and one Indian monk Nagarjuna elevated Buddha to become "divine" and formed today's Mahayana Buddhism. Gospel was written down 200 years after Jesus and the gospel was translated from the Indian Sanskrit Buddhist texts. There were actually 20 gospel writers but only 4 were taken by the Vatican to be correct.

So Jesus being human and divine actually got the idea from the the Indian monk

Christianity = Buddhist cult

Christianity is the second religion which their priests and nuns are celibate. The first religion is Buddhism.

Further to this, notice the same method to used to honour great people who served the Vatican. They were made into Saint. Mahayana Buddhist China honours their great people by making them deities. When the Christians making joke about "Tua Pek Kong", they are actually laughing on their own self.


1) When Jesus met Buddha
Something remarkable happened when evangelists for two great religions crossed paths more than 1,000 years ago: they got along

By Philip Jenkins
December 14, 2008

2) The Cross and the Lotus By Lau Hua Teck

3) Manichaean and (Nestorian) Christian Remains in Zayton (Quanzhou, South China) ARC DP0557098 - Macquarie University.pdf ( taken from

4) Jesus was a Buddhist Monk BBC Documentary


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