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Was the story of Adam and Eve a copy/adoption of an earlier story?
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I have started this question to find out if Adam and Eve was a truly unique story or had been borrowed from another culture predating it, thanks to Paul Dion I found the earlier Babylonian story which has these similarities :

The setting- a garden in paradise.
The watering of the gardens with water from the earth.
The consumption of forbidden fruits, by Adam and Eve in Genesis and by the god Enki in the Sumerian myth.
The curse upon the person (s) who ate the fruit.
The creating of a female from the rib of the male in Genesis and the creating of a female to heal the rib of the male in the Sumerian precursor.
The name of the female thus created. In Genesis, Eve, or in its original semitic form Hawah, means life. In the Sumerian myth, the word ti from the name Ninti has a double meaning; it could mean either ‘rib’ or ‘life’. Thus Ninti can be rendered as “lady of the rib” or “lady of life”. [5]
Babylonian Origins of the Creation Myth

I also want to thank Jesse Cox for his input,


Chuck Miller, Adjunct Professor of Religion several yrs; Pastor (1986-present)
Answered Oct 11, 2017 · Author has 116 answers and 15k answer views

FIRST: the Bible is not concerned with issues of what is true. If true is the basis of determining value, then you will find much in the Bible that is not true. HOWEVER, the primary concern of the Biblical writers is to point to the TRUTH of faith.

So the story of Adam and Eve is not true, but it tells the truth about who created and what went wrong. A side point, there are actually two stories of creation in the Bible, the first in Genesis chapter one (and a few verses of chapter 2) which is the 7 days of creation and the second is Genesis 2 telling of creation including Adam and Eve. What these two authors wanted us to know is that God created. They were not providing a scientific proof of how!

So as a Christian, I have no difficulty accepting the truth of Genesis 1 and 2, while as the same time accepting the theory of evolution. By the way the Big Bang Theory was postulated by a Roman Catholic priest. His name was Georges Henri Joseph Edouard Lemaitre (1894–1966) and besides being a Belgian Catholic Priest he was an astronomer and professor of physics at the Catholic University of Leuven. So much for Christians being anti-science and/or stupid.


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