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The Vatican response


The increasing evidence of parallels between Jesus and Buddha prompted a response from the Vatican. Msgr. Pierre Nguyen Van Tot, a Vietnamese priest, wrote a book published by the Vatican university. I will quote a few remarks from this book along with a rough English translation.


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Original Thesis in Frence

Les verites que le Bouddha a prechees sont une preparation providentielle a l’evangelisation. Elles sont l’illumination a l’interieur de l’homme et ont besoin de la revelation du Christ pour etre completes.. (Buddha’s teaching was a preparation for the complete revelation of Christ.) [19]

Malgre sa grande valeur, l’enseignement du Bouddha n’est pas cense etre au meme niveau que celui du Fils de Dieu. Car sa doctrine reste au niveau humain, tandis que la revelation du Christ vient de Dieu. (Despite its great value, the Buddha’s teaching is not at the same level as that of Christ; the former is at a human level, the latter comes from God) [20].

Les actes de Siddhartha servent encore d’exemple, mais de son vivant ils n’ont pas eu l’efficacite de ceux de Jesus. (Buddha’s actions served as an example but were not as effective as those of Jesus) [21].

Les livres du Sutta-pitaka datent du le siecle avant J.C. tandis que les deux preemiers livres du canon du Mahayana appartiennent au I siecle apres J.C. et le dernier est une traduction de l’an 420 de notre ere. (The Buddhist scriptures are dated much later than the Gospel) [22]

Toutes les nouvelles sur l’Enfance ont comme source principale la Mere de Jesus. (The infancy stories of Jesus come directly from his mother, Mary) [23]

Translated using Google translation

The truths that the Buddha preached are a providential preparation is evangelism. They enlightenment on the inside of man and require the revelation of Christ to be supplemented .. [19]

Despite its great value, the Buddha's teaching is not supposed to be at the same level as the Son of God. Because his doctrine remains the human level, while the revelation of Christ from God. [20]

Acts of Siddhartha still serve as an example, but in his lifetime they did not have the effectiveness of those of Jesus. [21]

The books of the Sutta-Pitaka date from the century before J.C. while preemiers two books of Mahayana canon belong to the I century after J.C. and the last is translation in the year 420 of our era. [22]

All news about Children came mostly from the Mother of Jesus. [23]


Biography of Archbishop Pierre Nguyen Van Tot

Archbishop Pierre Nguyen Van Tot is an alumnus of the Pontifical Urban University, and published his thesis on “Buddha and Christ: Parallels and similarities in the canonical literature and Christian apocrypha” in 1987.( Le Bouddha et le Christ: Paralleles et ressemblances dansla litterature canonique et apocryphe chretienne (Collectio Urbaniana) (French Edition) ) Out of edition from


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