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  • Ven. Galle Udita Maha Thero ( Theravada Buddhist Tradition )

    Buddha Vihara Society

    (Resident Monk)

    86 Sim Ave East

    Singapore 416556

    Tel: 741 4383


    Buddhist Support Services (BSS)

    Helpline No.: 9299 2133

    Buddhist Support Services are a suite of educational services meant to support/assist Buddhists, including people interested in Buddhism, learning how Buddhism can be effectively applied when one or one family is confronted with challenges in life. The intended outcome is to help surviving well during difficult moments without losing one confidence, directions and purpose of life.

    For Whom

    Buddhist(s) and/or one family member(s)

  • Being diagnosed with terminal illness or chronic illness
  • Passed on in an unexpected manner

    Henceforth wanting to know how to apply Buddhism effectively

    Buddhist Support Services are provided free of charge by a group of Buddhist volunteers from various Buddhist monasteries, temples and Buddhist organisations, under the auspices of Singapore Buddhist Federation (SBF), which is the representative body of the Buddhist community in Singapore.

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