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Xie SP Jane
How did Christianity fail you? Since I am unfortunately from China, I opt for Christianity.


Willia Chautang
1. You were forbid to open up ur mind, your intellectual.
2. You were forbade to read other religious scriptures or spiritual books out of Christianity!
3. All unanswered quarries starts and end with God.
4. Bible speaks of God as all powerful, omnipresent and omnipotent which is questionable...
5. You are made auto suggestions to believe blindly in God without using your own logic and conscience. etc.

Jenn Todd
the number of folks that use it to judge. hate. justify racism. homophobia. and self righteousness

Kristy Hanning
Why "unfortunately" from China?

Kathy Muhl McMillan
The lack of intellectualism. The weird insistence on having the physical world match the Bible, for example, many Christian's insistence on the earth being actually 6,000 years old when we know that it is billions of years old.

Kevin Gonzalez
Buddhism helps me be a better christian.

Andrew Shelton
Never trust a religion that diagnoses you with a sickness in order to sell you the cure. Never trust a religion based on human sacrifice.

Jesse Wahab
All religions are made to enslave the people

Kari Kaera
If you are looking for enlightenment for me the Bible is not a very good roadmap.

Jason Moore
religion is for people who are afraid of hell. Spirituality is for people who've been there.

Joan DeVastey
Christianity failed me in two ways. First, many but not all Christians are intolerant of others. Second, when I took the time to learn the history of Christian writings and dogma I realized that what we’re taught in church often bears no relation to the original teachings. That being true, I wonder how much is false and how much is authentic.

Lukasz Wojnicki
It did not show me the way out of suffering. It opposed all other religions saying they are wrong (the same thing being done by other religions). It taught to be tolerant but it did not tolerate anything different than itself. A cluster of old religion…See more

Poon Webber
the doctrines are false

Todd Caldwell

You’ll learn quick. Christianity is a fear based religion.

Meagan Davison
Christianity itself did not fail me. It's followers did ;)

Garrison Scott
Part of the problem is that people take literal, the parts of the Bible that should be accepted as metaphorical; yet the lessons that should be obviously taken literally, basic teachings about humanity and how we should treat each other, are often over…See more

Richard Irvine
It is not Christianity that fails, it is the people. I am a chaplain and talk with many people and the majority of people complain it is with other supposed like minded people. People do not realize that it is an intimate relation ship you have with your higher power, not man. It was not Buddha, Jesus,, Shiva, or Muhammad that created the mess the world is in, man did. Many choose not to believe and for whatever reason it is on the individual, not the religion itself. Some say it is fear based, but fear only exists in the mind, in the now fear is non-existent. meaning we fear what is going to happen. it hasn't happened therefore it does not exist. I am sorry I could go on with more.

Roberto Perez
Cause Jesus is made up of eight different gods. Krishna horas Elijah and that's just a few

Jon PrattJon
Dogma vs self inquiry.

Gerry YanceyGerry
Blind faith



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