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pcstuff: March 2007

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Canon Waste Pad reset, general cleaning

All the Canons I've taken apart then have four screws that hold the entire printer mechanism on the plastic base. Some models do have a power supply module that slides out of the rear of the case, remove this first. -Only- remove the four screws holding the printer mechanism onto the lower case. Some models may have more screws, but becareful not to remove any other screws! It just lifts off. Set it up on a couple of boxes or chunks of wood under the tabs so the mechanism is reasonably level.

Now is a good time to take it outside and use dry canned air to blow out the paper dust in the back of the printer. Do -not-, repeat NOT use an air compressor! It is too much pressure, and air from a compressor or air tank is full of moisture and oil. And stay away, AWAY from the print head and the park pad and cleaning pump under it. Stay away from the paper path under the print head groove. If you don't, you can end up blowing ink sludge around the printer or blow air into the heads or inadvertently create a suction that pulls ink out the heads and blows it around the printer.

If you aren't wearing rubber gloves by this point, put them on now. The waste ink pad can hold an -incredible- amount of ink, partially dried so it is a lot more color than it looks. Do -not- do this in your bathroom sink! If your porcelain is worn at all or has any invisible mineral deposits, the ink can permanently stain it. Open a couple of windows and set up a fan as you'll be working with ammonia and alcohol. I know from experience that the fumes can sneak up on you.

Mix up a liter of cleaning solution in a clearly labeled, resealable container:

  • 1 part nonsudsing household ammonia (clear, no perfumes)
  • 4 parts 50% Isopropyl Alcohol (aka Isopropanol) (clear, no perfumes)
  • 5 parts filtered or distilled water (-not- purified)

Take the waste ink pads out and lay them down on some newspapers by the sink. Chances are, it is no more than 50% color, as the waste ink warning is conservative so you don't end up with ink running out on your table.

Take the bottom printer case and run hot water over it to wash the ink out. You don't need to get it like new, just get the big blobs of goopy ink out. Pour some of the cleaning mixture in to help break it up. Dry it out with an old towel or paper towels and set it aside to dry.

Set the waste ink pads in the sink. Pour some of the cleaning mixture into them to dissolve the ink, then gently run hot water through to rinse it out. It will never look clean, don't try, just get it so there is little ink left in the wash water. It is a rather fragile felt-like substance so if you try too hard, you can end up destroying it.

Squeeze out as much water as you can. Do -not- twist it like a towel! You'll have to let it dry for several days. Put it over a heat vent if you have central air heating, or just in a sunny window. If you don't put it somewhere warm or with some air flowing, it will stay damp a long, long time. You can even lean it up against a box fan on low. I caution -against- putting it in front of an electric heat fan because of the fire hazard.

I have considered running a tube out from the park pad's waste tube to a bottle outside the printer. However, if you do this you run the risk of the bottle getting knocked over or leaking.

Look over the printer mechanism. You'll see some areas of ink build-up. Ink and paper dust mix to make a viscous mud that stays wet for a long time. I use cotton ear buds (aka Q-Tips or cotton swabs) to pick up the blobs, it is better if you can get some of the absorbant foam swabs. Then a premoistened window wipe to wipe off the rest.

Note: Don't use paper towels! Paper towels are horrible things that shed little bits all over. Any little bits that get on the bottom of the head, or on the park pad will cause ink to wick out or block a nozzle. Test the premoistened window wipes you intend on using; tear one in half. If it looks a bit like you tore a sheet of paper it's good; ie, a ragged but basically clean tear. If it looks like a cotton ball exploded it's bad! IE, threads or filaments everywhere.

I use Coralite brand window wipes. Ironically, cheap is better. No lemony scents, no vinegar wipes. Just plain old ammonia based premoistened window wipes.

After everything is dry, reassemble everything but the top of the case. Locate the lid detector switch, it is usually somewhere near the hinge of the lid. Use something like a small piece of vinyl electrical tape to hold it down so the printer thinks the lid is shut. After confirming that everything is back in place (except the top case), plug it in. Turn the printer on, confirm that everything moves as it should on power-up (basically nothing sticks or bangs).

Take the tape off the switch so it thinks the lid is open, this should cause it to move the print heads to the Cartridge Change position. Unplug the printer! This is important, so it doesn't suddenly decide you are taking too long and move the heads. If you have a holder for the print heads, take them out and put it in it. If not, set the print heads on top of a folded up premoistened window wipe. Ink will wick out, so you don't want to leave it too long this way.

Using several of your lint-free premoistened window wipes, carefully wipe up around the park pads. Careful! The park pads "float" in their holder and if you are not gentle you will knock it out of it's mount and it won't seal to the print heads properly. You may use a cotton swab moistened with cleaning solution to get the clumps, but don't touch the foam inside the park pad with it. That foam is really a hard plastic and will grab bits of cotton fiber and cause ink wicking.

Use an eyedropper to put cleaning solution into the park pad foam until it is visibly wet and wick it back out with a window wipe. Repeat. Again, you aren't going for spic-and-span, just the bulk of the ink. Put a few drops back in so it just looks wet.

There is a rubber and felt wiper just to the left of the park pads. It is probably retracted (towards you) but don't try and force it out. If it slides out easily, fine, again get the blobs off with dry swabs. Then wet the swabs with cleaning solution to get most of the ink off, and to get some of the ink out of the felt that is on one side of the wiper blade. Be gentle! It is very easy to accidentally knock this off of its mount or pull it out all together.

Without flipping the print heads upside down, wipe off the excess blobby ink around the edges. It is imperative that you do not touch the heads anywhere with cotton swabs, cotton cloth, or paper towels! Use the lint-free premoistened window wipes, and do -not- press against the bottom of the heads at all. I fold up a window wipe into sort of a cushion and wipe gently across the bottom. Do this only after cleaning around the edges or you'll just wipe that ink/paper sludge across the print nozzles. Again, it does not have to be spotless.

Reinstall the print heads, put the tape back on the lid switch. Plug the printer in, turn it on, let it finish it's cleaning cycles and gyrations. Turn the printer off again.

On my BJC-6000 and several models, you can get it to print a nozzle check by holding down the Resume/Paper Feed button while turning it on. It beeps once when you turn it on, let go of the Power button but keep holding the Resume button. If you let go after one beep, it does a quick head clean, if you let go after two beeps it prints a nozzle check and alignment check. Three and it just feeds a sheet of paper. Or just connect it to your computer and use the driver Maintenance menu.

Confirm everything is printing correctly again, power off and reinstall the top case. Your Canon should now work for many more years.

If the printheads are badly clogged and the printer driver cleaning cycles aren't fixing it, you may try the following:

First effort: put a few drops of cleaning solution onto the park pad "sponge". This is that sponge-looking thing (actually a hard plastic foam) where the head sits when not printing. Just do whatever it takes on that printer to unpark the heads as if you were going to change cartridges, then close it up and let it sit for a day before you run a cleaning cycle and nozzle check again.

Extremely Thorough Cleaning: Take the head out, remove the cartridges. If you've saved the orange seals, tape them onto the cartridges, if not then wrap black electrical tape around so it covers the ink outlet and the little air inlet on top. Only pull it snug across the ink outlet, not tight, and fairly loose on the cartridge body to prevent tape creep.

I then just stick the head under a stream of hot tap water. I use a soft plastic eyedropper to squirt the above cleaning fluid into the ink inlet meshes on the head and to flush ink off the bottom of the head. Careful not to touch the nozzles!

As you squirt cleaning fluid into the screen, a lot will rush back out, that is fine as it is flushing ink and gunk back out rather than forcing it through the nozzles, which are far finer than a human hair.

When you see little or no more color in the water or cleaning solution, force some of the straight filtered/distilled water into the screens. Rinse the outside of the print head with straight isopropyl alcohol (99% is better than 50% for this) and pat dry with a clean cotton towel (-not- paper towels) and again, DO NOT TOUCH THE NOZZLES.

Patience is a virtue. I've bought a lot of Canon printers in thrift stores with full cartridges because the heads clogged, they bought new cartridges, that didn't fix it so they tossed it at Goodwill. I clean them up and for $12.95 I get $45 worth of brand new cartridges and a backup printer. I only had two heads be unsaveable, those would print on all nozzles but had sprung internal leaks between two colors, cyan and yellow. The symptom was yellow nozzle checks print green, and the ink inside the yellow cartridge slowly turns green.

If you would like to encourage me to continue writing tutorials of this nature, you may donate an amount of your choice via PayPal. Credit Card donations don't require a PayPal account.

Canon BubbleJet Waste Ink Full Error

Canon BubbleJet Waste Ink Full Error

Canon BubbleJet printers, like most inkjet printers, have one or more absorbent pad in the bottom of the printer that absorb waste ink. There is no sensor to detect when these pads become saturated with ink, so the printer is programmed to warn you after a specified number of pages printed. At this point, whether or not you replace the pad(s) (see note below), you will need to reset the EEPROM to avoid getting the "waste ink full" warning after every page printed.

The procedure for resetting the EEPROM is fairly detailed, and different for different printers, so we will not give it here. However, it can be found in the Service Manual for each printer. This procedure must be followed exactly, or the reset will not "take". In particular, it is critical that the printer be powered down properly after the reset procedure. See the appropriate Service Manual for details, but in most cases it is necessary to power down by unplugging the printer (and not by using the "power" switch). A few of the Service Manuals omit this important step, so if you follow Canon's instructions and the reset doesn't seem to work, try powering down this way after performing the reset.

Note: Even though you can reset the EEPROM without replacing the ink absorber pad, this should only be done when the pad obviously has some life left. Do not leave a saturated pad in the printer, as this will lead to ink leakage, a big mess, and possible damage to the main logic board (a very expensive item to replace).

-Dennis Kosterman

Mr. Kosterman has been a technical support representative at Parts Now! since 1991.

Canon Waste Ink Tank Reset Procedures

Canon PIXMA iP1000
Waste Ink Counter Reset.
Step 1: Manual for Service mode
1. Unplug power and USB.
2. Open door and hold power button.
3. Connect power.
4. Close door, then release power button.

step 2 : Software for Permanant

1. Reconnect the printer cable.
2.Open General Tools software and select (USB PORT)
3 .Choose (SET DESTINATION 1) And it should be reset.

Remark "After service mode Pls use software for permanent reset"

canon ink absorber

he waste pad can be washed out with repeated warm water, dried over night and refitted (my Canon s630). It depends on your DIY skills in getting to it - with the cost of Canon doing it being the same as a new printer what have you got to lose - nothing, except gaining satisfaction. Allow 1/2 a day to do it. David

Re: Re: The waste ink absorber ... on Canon Pixma by Anonymous (9/6/06 3:27 AM) reply + / -
"The waste pad can be washed out with repeated warm water, dried over night and refitted (my Canon s630)."

And what did you do tou reset the waste ink counter on your S630?
I tried almost everything, but I always have the 7 orange flashes...


Resetter Canon iP1000

4 step to Reset waste ink tank counter CANON PIXMA iP 1000
STEP 1:- Disconnect printer from AC power
STEP 2:- Press and HOLD the POWER button, and connect printer to AC power
STEP 3:- release the the POWER button
STEP 4:- Press the POWER button again

I've tried this one and success, thank you :-)

4 step to Reset waste ink tank counter CANON PIXMA iP 1000
STEP 1:- Disconnect printer from AC power
STEP 2:- Press and HOLD the POWER button, and connect printer to AC power
STEP 3:- release the the POWER button
STEP 4:- Press the POWER button agai
pada hari ini, sabtu, 22 Oktober 2005, jam 10:45, ketika DAP ku masih dunlod ip1000ServiceTool.zip, saya cuba jurus Endi..hehe..we did it dude :)

Re: Canon Pixma IP1000 Waste Ink Full by Endi (9/19/05 10:30 PM) reply + / -
I've tried this one and success, thank you :-)

4 step to Reset waste ink tank counter CANON PIXMA iP 1000
STEP 1:- Disconnect printer from AC power
STEP 2:- Press and HOLD the POWER button, and connect printer to AC power
STEP 3:- release the the POWER button
STEP 4:- Press the POWER button againn

Resetter Canon iP1000

Re: Canon iP1600 (reset ink couter) by tyoktok (6/13/06 10:28 PM) reply + / -
ass. wr. wb.
Nah ni dia baru ketemu URL-nya jo! general tools resetter CANON & EPSON (all series)
1. buka http://rapidshare.de/files/19409670/RESETTER.rar
2. pilih free download
3. password buat buka file resetternya .zip/.rar = 2341861754
4. semoga bisa
5. kabarin yach kalo bisa
6. semoga berhasil
7. thanks to delta (guest)
in http://www.theallineed.com/forum/262.htm

wass. wr. wb.

Re: Canon iP1600 (reset ink couter) by tyoktok (6/13/06 10:31 PM) reply + / -
ass. wr. wb.
I've got the reset software
1. open http://rapidshare.de/files/19409670/RESETTER.rar
2. choose free download
3. open the file (zip/.rar)= with password = 2341861754
4. thanks to delta (guest)
in http://www.theallineed.com/forum/262.htm
5. goodluck
wass. wr. wb.

Re: Canon iP1600 (reset ink couter) by aris (6/25/06 7:17 PM) reply + / -
saya coba masukkan (password = 2341861754) nya tapi kok ngga

nggak masuk ya, nggak mau.

Re: Canon iP1600 (reset ink couter) by Anonymous (7/28/06 9:29 PM) reply + / -
dapatkan reset tool untuk printer canon

Re: Canon i255 (reset ink counter) by trexs (7/30/06 10:00 PM) reply + / -
Yang punya resetter canon bisa dikirimkan ke emailku yach!
makasih banyak...

Thanks kawan infonya ! by Anonymous (8/22/06 8:34 AM) reply + / -

Thanks Buanget kawan atas infonya
Saya sudah coba dan sukses mendownloadnya,
Kemudian saya coba mereset Printer saya IP1000%IP1600
Ternyata berhasil, printer saya tidak ngeblink lagi
Terima kasih banyak kawan!

Re: Canon iP1600 (reset ink couter) by onoyiw (8/27/06 4:08 PM) reply + / -
ebook berbahasa indonesia termasuk link program reset
canon ip1000/ip1500 i255/i350/i355

tutor untuk reset epson

program untuk reset epson

tutor dan program untuk reset canon pixma ip1200/1600/2200

silahkan segera didownloads!!! karena tanggal 29-8-06 jam 24:00
waktu jerman akan dihapus

"saya dapat gratis dari internet,jangan diperjual-belikan"

Canon IP 2000 waste ink tank full reset

i've try all codes for canon printers on this forum and this method works:
1 - press resume button and then press power button
2 - realese the resume button and press 2 more times then realese both
3 - press and release resume 4 times and power 2 times...

I hope that this help...

Canon PIXMA iP1How To: Reset Canon Printer

Canon PIXMA iP1000

Waste Ink Counter Reset Manual for Service mode
1. Turn off the printer. And disconnect the printer cable.
2. Press and hold the POWER button, turn on the printer.
3. The indicator (L.E.D.) should be green.
4. Press and release the RESUME button , the indicator (L.E.D.) should be orange.
5. Press and release the RESUME button again, the indicator (L.E.D.) should be green.
6. Release both buttons.

That it.. and you done, if you still try to find out another Canon printer try to googling with this links

#6 All the Lights Blinking

#6 All the Lights Blinking

When the printer refuses to work, and lights up all of its lights and makes then blink, the usual problem is that the internal waste ink storage pads are full of ink and the printer has shut down to protect you from having waste ink dribbling out the bottom of the printer and running out across your desk top.

All inkjet printers use large, felt, pads in the bottom of the printer to soak up and store the waste ink that is generated during Cleaning Cycles. The printer is programmed at the factory to "know" how many Cleaning Cycles that can be run before the storage pads are full. Once the printer thinks they are full, the printer shuts down until the pads are changed and the waste ink counter is re-set.

You can do a couple of things to deal with this little problem. You can return your printer to the nearest company service center and pay them to do the work. You can get the name of the nearest service center from the web site of the company that made the printer. They will probably charge you more than the printer is worth.

You can buy a Service Manual and take the printer apart, wash out the pads in the sink or a bucket, dry them in the sun for a couple of days and put them back in, and re-set the counter yourself. Go to www.compassmicro.com for Epson Service Manuals, new replacement pads, etc. Go to http://www.2manuals.com for Canon Service Manuals.

Or, you can simply re-set the ink counter, put some newspapers under the printer and continue printing. It may be several weeks or months before the printer actually starts to leak ink, and even when it does, it will still print OK.

In order to re-set the ink counter, some Epson printers use a combination of keys that you hold down and/or press during a "power-on" of the printer. It varies a little from one model to another. Some Epson printers cannot be re-set this way at all! Get a copy of the Epson Service Manual (on CD-ROM) from Compass Micro to see if your model can be re-set this way.

The other way you might be able to re-set the ink counter is to download and install a special Printer Utility from a Russian web site. The utility is FREE and is in English!! It works with many - not all - Epson desk top printers. It not only resets the ink counter, it can also be used to re-set the individual ink cartridge chips. You can find this utility at: http://www.ssclg.com/epsone.shtml

Some of the newer Epson printers... like the "R" series and some of the "C" series (R200/R220/R300/R320/R800/R1800/R2400/C88, and some others)..... can only be reset by using a special Epson utility that is first installed on the computer that the printer is connected to. the printer must be directly connected via a USB or parallel cable - not on a network server. From within the utility, the waster ink counter can then be reset. See Compass Micro for CD-versions of the various utilities. There is a DIFFERENT utility for almost every different model of printer.

If you are using a wide-throat, floor-standing Epson printer, we have posted on this web site a method for using the printer to re-set the chips on the cartridges. This method is better, and more certain, than using the hand-held chip re-setter that we also sell. Go to: http://www.colorbat.com/constructiontips.htm and download Item #71 and the (7) JPG files that go with it.

There is no known way to re-set the ink counter on Canon Printers. There is no known source for Service Manuals for the Canon printers. If you ever discover any, please let me know and I'll post the information here.

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