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What is "The Daily Enlightenment" (TDE) ?

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TDE is a form of live and daily news of realisations of fellow Brothers and Sisters in the Dharma that you can send and receive through your personal email account. The aim of TDE is to motivate its members to live more each day more mindfully and fully- with the spirit of seeking some form of substantial realisation that is helpful towards one's spiritual progress everyday. As the TDEcircle widens, your circle of spiritual friends will also widen.

How do I Join TDE ?

You can join TDE as a reader or as a contributor. The service is free (though the Dharma is priceless!). As a reader, other members will send to you their TDE contributions that they feel comfortable to share with you. As a contributor, one will have to email to each other member in the TDEcircle one's realisation for the day everyday.You will also get to read the realisations of other contributors. Of course, TDE allows bi-daily or even weekly contributions- but it should be realised that the objective of TDE participation to be daily is to urge one to be mindful of spiritual practice from day to day. To subscribe, please use the form below.

Note: TDE today is reaching to more than 13,000 members worldwide.

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Dhamma Times

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Panna Youth Centre
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The Monthly Harvest

The Buddha said "The Gift of Dhamma is the Highest Gift"

In the above spirit, Panna Youth Centre as the only independent and self funded Buddhist Youth Centre in the history of Buddhism in Singapore has brought to you another service, with full strength & best quality.

"The Monthly Harvest" is the world's largest Buddhist-inspired free international E-Zine service hosted by Singapore's Panna Youth Centre. Our E-Zine serves as a fascinating and appealing way to reach out to the Buddhists living all around the world to grow in faith, presently Buddhism in the most modern, youthful & evangelistic way. We attempt to provide a monthly dosage of the Buddhist teachings through theinternet with Buddhist articles, inspirational stories, scripture quotations, prayer requests and the latest happenings & activities in Panna Youth Centre. Do not hesistate! Get connected to us now and share this piece of Good News with your friends today and subscribe to us FREE today !

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" See the Truth & you will see Me"
- Buddha

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Ashoka courses offer a rich mixture of reading, listening (audio), viewing (video), contemplation, and meditation. Our courses guide and encourage you to reflect on and apply what you are learning.

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