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    July 2009

    Jul 04Ren Ci Community Hospital 71 Irrawaddy Road Multi Purpose Hall Level 4.By THE SOUTH EAST COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL & Buddhist Fellowship
    Interfaith Conference on Dialogue & Engagement 2009

    We invite you to participate in the above dialogue to be held at the Ren Ci Community Hospital 71 Irrawaddy Road Multi Purpose Hall Level 4.

    Date: Saturday, 4 July 2009
    Time: 10.30am to 1.30pm
    Guest-of-Honour: Mr Matthias Yao, Mayor of South East District.

    The Inter-Faith Dialogue aims to engage citizens to experience authentic, meaningful and focused discussions. Followers of the 5 different faiths will be partaking in this event. The dialogue sessions will be fun and engaging. Some of the issues that will be explored include:

    1. What does your faith tradition have to say about the concept of race , ethnicity or culture?

    2. What does your faith tradition say about how relations between the different ethnic communities be conducted? Is Harmony the stated ideal? How could this be achieved?

    3. Would you be able to give some examples of the above in the lives and experiences of Prophets, Saints, Sages, Religious and Community Leaders?

    4. How has faith/religion been used to disrupt Racial Harmony? Why has this been done?

    5. What are some of the challenges and opportunities that your faith community currently faces in attaining harmonious relations other ethnic communities?

    6. What can religious communities do to promote Racial Harmony?

    Admission to the Interfaith Conference is free however, to facilitate F&B arrangements, registration is required. Kindly provide your name, mobile and email address. You may register at our office or email your details to BF Office at by Wednesday 24th June 2009.

    All are welcome
    Jul 05 Buddhist Library , The
    Dhamma Day

    All are welcome
    Jul 07Full Moon in the Chinese Sixth Lunar MonthAsalha Puja or Dhamma Day.

    This commemorates the Buddha's first discourse, the Dhamma-Cakka-Pavattana Sutta (the Discourse on the Turning of the Wheel of Truth) in Sarnath (Isipatana, Benares) - the Deer Park , which he gave to the group of five monks with whom he had practised in the forest for many years. Upon hearing this discourse, one of the monks -- Ven. Kondañña -- gained his first glimpse of Nibbana, thus giving birth to the Noble Sangha. The annual rains retreat (vassa) commences the following day.

    Note: At the end of this first sermon, the Venerable Kondañña became a Sotapanna (a person at the first stage of enlightenment) and then, according to the Commentaries, for example, the Commentary on Vinaya, the other four disciples became Sotapannas, one on each of the four following days. On the first day after the full-moon day in July, the monk Vappa became a Sotapanna; on the second day, Bhaddiya; on the third day, Mahanama; and on the fourth day, Assaji. After they became Sotapannas, they all asked Buddha for ordination. Buddha ordained each of them by calling to them, "Come monks." On the fifth day after the full-moon day, the Buddha assembled them and preached to them this discourse Anatta-lakkhana Sutta. -The Discourse on the Not-self Characteristic (no-soul or anatta)
    ( Note: Try this site which is my favourite explanation for :- NO INNER CORE - ANATTA . By Sayadaw U Silananda )
    Poh Ming Tse Temple
    New Pureland Class: Understanding Amituofo via the Amitabha Sutra

    Class: We often hear Buddhists greet each other with ‘Amituofo’, aspiring to be reborn in the Land of Ultimate Bliss . We also hear that this practice is a powerful and effective method for most people to advance towards Enlightenment, especially in our day and age. So who is Amitabha Buddha (Amituofo), who founded the Western Pure Land , and what did he teach? How is he similar or different from the historical Shakyamuni Buddha, who introduced us to him? Come join us, and discover more about the precious Pure Land teachings, on how they might just be what busy urbanites like us need.
    Date: 6 Sessions (Tentatively Wednesdays around July-August: to be confirmed upon participant response)
    Time: 7.00pm till 9.30pm
    Venue: Poh Ming Tse (Temple of Boundless Light)
    438 Dunearn Road S(289613)
    (At corner of Dunearn & Shelford Road)
    Map: (Bus nos. 66, 66B, 67, 74, 151 151A, 154, 156, 157, 170, 171, 174, 540, 852, 961, 961C. If you are travelling along Bt Timah Rd, alight just after Watten Estate Rd. If you are travelling along Dunearn Rd, alight at Coronation Shopping Plaza and use the overhead bridge.)
    Registration and Enquiries: (Tel) 64660785 (10am-4pm)
    Offering: $30 per person (Free for Full-Time Tertiary Students & NSF)
    To Register: Please email your Name, Gender, NRIC Number, DOB & Contact No. to pmt8689@...

    About the Teacher:

    Shen Shi’an was one of the founding members of Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery’s Dharma Propagation Division in 1997. Holding an MA in Buddhist Studies, he currently serves as a Dharma Trainer and Project Coordinator in the Community Development & Training Department, focusing on research, writing and teaching on various subjects of Buddhism.
    He was the founder of the monastery’s Youth Mission (now named Youth Ministry), a purchaser for its Awareness Place bookshop project, and the Chief Editor of the Web and Library Department, which co-supported, the world’s most popular Buddhist website. He is the founder and editor of, one of the world’s largest independent Buddhist inspirational e-newsletter with over 26,000 members, the editor of ‘Be a Lamp Upon Yourself’, ‘Awaken: Gateway to Buddhism’ and ‘The Daily Enlightenment (1,2,3)’. He also contributes occasionally to magazines such as ‘Nanyang Buddhist’, ‘Awaken’ and ‘For You (Information)’, and writes Dharma movie reviews for, the world’s leading international Buddhist news network.

    He is used to conducting Dharma discussions for youths at tertiary institutions’ Buddhist societies, and has taught at the Singapore Buddhist Federation’s English Dharma Class. He has represented Buddhist perspectives in NACLI, NHB, NHG, SAF, SPF and ACM events and is a member of the Inter-Religious Organisation, through which he participates in interfaith harmony projects. He also co-runs, which is a community blog that promotes sharing of Buddhism via writing.

    All are welcome
    Jul 12
    Nov 22
    By Pu Ji Si Buddhist Research Center
    Basic Buddhism Course (BBC @ Pu Ji Si BRC)

    When : Every Sunday 12 Jul 09 ~ 22 Nov 09
    Time : 9am - 11.30am
    Instructor : Vajiro (Richard) Chia
    Adviser : Ven. Fa Da
    Where : Pu Ji Si Buddhist Research Center,
    39 Geylang Lorong 12, S'pore 399012
    Enquiry : 6746 6211 (9am - 5pm Daily)
    Fee : FOC.
    Registration : Registration Open

    The Basic Buddhism Course is specially designed and tailored to suit the fast-paced and modern lifestyle.

    This 20-lesson-course skillfully balances theoretical study of DHAMMA with MEDITATION practice, providing a strong basis for understanding of BUDDHA'S TEACHINGS and a good foundation for mental development. It will greatly benefit both beginners as well as long-time practitioners.

    The course consists of three sections, namely BUDDHIST FUNDAMENTALS, MEDITATION and PALI CHANTING

    Buddhist Fundamentals
    The Buddhist fundamentals are structured to provide in-depth, intellectual framework for the understanding of the essentials of the BUDDHA'S TEACHINGS.

    Topics covered include:
  • The definition of Evil, Good & Pure
  • Life of the Buddha
  • Four Noble Truths
  • Noble Eight-Fold Path
  • Dependent Origination
  • Four Foundations of Mindfulness
  • Karma & Rebirth

    as well as studying of major SUTTAS.

    Inclusive in the course are MEDITATION training sessions. Step-by-step meditation instructions & guidance will be given during the training. The techniques taught are:
  • Metta - Loving Kindness
  • Kayagati - Impurities of Body
  • Jhana - Concentration
  • Vipassana - Insight
  • Pali Chanting

    Pali Chanting
    -includes homage to the Buddha, Dharma & Sangha, offering (puja), as well as the traditional suttas: Mangala Sutta, Ratana Sutta, and Metta Sutta.

    The Course Instructor
    The course instructor, Richard (Vajiro) Chia, is an experienced Dhamma teacher who has a clear and straightforward approach to Buddha's teachings. He is able to bring out dynamism of Buddhism, and its relevance in present day.

    Vajiro is also well-known for his effective and efficient meditation instructions, having guided many through the levels of concentration and stages of insight knowledge. His coaching method has helped many students to REALISE the teachings of the Buddha.

    All are welcome
  • Jul 12
    Nov 22
    By Pu Ji Si Buddhist Research Center
    Basic Meditation Course (BMC @ Pu Ji Si BRC)

    When : Every Sunday 12 Jul 09 ~ 22 Nov 09
    Time : 1.00pm - 3.30pm
    Instructor : Vajiro (Richard) Chia
    Adviser : Ven. Fa Da
    Where : Pu Ji Si Buddhist Research Center,
    39 Geylang Lorong 12, Singapore 399012
    Fee : FOC
    Registration : Registration Open

    This course introduces meditation through 20 well-structured lessons that combined guided practices with basic understanding of meditation and its applications in daily life.
  • How to Take Care of Your Mind?
  • Who are You?
  • How to Practice in Daily Life?
  • Development of the Path

    This course is designed for students who have completed the Basic Buddhism Course. Students are expected to have the understanding of Buddhist fundamentals and have learned the basic techniques of meditation. New students are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Basic Buddhism Course.

    Class Format
    This class provides a conducive environment for group devotional and meditation practices in the following format:
  • Puja and Chanting
  • Guided Meditation
  • Individual Practices & Interviews
  • Summary and Discussion
  • Dedication of Merits

    Meditation Instructions
    This course introduces various meditation techniques in a systematic manner. Metta (Loving Kindness) and Kayanupassana (Contemplation of the Body) are introduced as preliminary practices.

    Students will then be guided through the levels of Concentration (Samatha) and introduced to various stages of Insight (Vipassana) knowledge.

    All are welcome
  • Jul 14By Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
    Personal Growth Workshop (Satir Model) Chinese

    Download Form to Register

    All are welcome
    Jul 18
    Sep 05
    Awareness Place Well Being Centre. By Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Youth
    Sutra Discussion Series. Buddha Speaks the Amithabha Sutra

    All are welcome
    Jul 18Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services
    Family Life Education (Talk in Mandarin): How to Cultivate Your Child’s Sense of Gratitude

    Date :
    18 July 2009 (Saturday)
    Time :
    2 pm – 4 pm
    Venue :
    Yen Pei Building, Level 7
    Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services
    105 Punggol Road S(546636)
    (diagonally opposite Punggol Park, adjacent to Sengkang Fire Station)
    Nearest MRT Station :
    Buangkok Station (NE 15)
    Bus service numbers :
    80, 82, 87, 88, 89, 119

    Ms. Wang Jing (Senior Counsellor-cum-Trainer)
    Fee :

    Free admission. All are welcome.

    To register for the talk, simply email your name and contact number to email or call 6489 8161.

    Nearest MRT Station
    Buangkok (NE15)

    Bus Stop A
    From City, Bedok, Ang Mo Kio, Hougang, Chinatown and World Trade Centre
    Bus No.: 80, 82, 87, 88, 89, 119

    Bus Stop B
    From Sengkang and Punggol
    Bus No.: 80, 82, 87, 88, 89, 119

    All are welcome


    August 2009

    Aug 01
    Sep 19
    Amitabha Buddhist Centre
    Course : Essence of the Path to Enlightenment by Venerable Gyume

    All are welcome
    Aug 07
    Aug 28
    Kong Meng San Monastery
    True Love: Let's Sing Together!

    All are welcome
    Aug 12
    Satipatthana Meditation Centre
    Dhamma Discussions (in English & Burmese) by Sayadaw Dr Nandamalabhivamsa

    We are pleased to invite you to two Dhamma Talks (in English & Burmese) by Sayadaw Dr Nandamalabhivamsa, Aggamahapandita, the Rector of Sitagu International Buddhist Academy at Sagaing, the Rector of the International Theravada Buddhist Mission University (ITBMU), Yangon, Myanmar. Details are as follows:

    Date & time: 12 Aug (Weds) 8 pm Dhamma talk in ENGLISH
    Topic: The Way to Purification of Mental Impurities
    Venue: Satipatthana Meditation Centre, 40 Jalan Malu-Malu (behind Sembawang Shopping Centre)

    Date & time: 15 Aug (Sat) 3 pm Dhamma talk in BURMESE
    Topic: The Way to Purification of Mental Impurities
    Venue: Mangala Vihara Main Shrine Hall (near Eunos MRT)
    Location/Map :

    Synopsis: In the practice of Vipassana meditation, the knowledge of seven purifications plays key role for the meditators. After building of the two fundamental purifications, namely, Purification of Morality and Purification of Mind, how the latter five purifications such as Purification of View, Purification by overcoming doubt, Purification by seeing the way and not the way, Purification by the way of practice, Purification of Knowledge and vision will be expounded in details with reference to Rathavinita Sutta.

    Sponsors are sought for the return airfare of Sayadaw and medical treatment of Sayadaw. We welcome all sponsors who are keen to participate in these meritorious deeds. If you are interested, please quickly fill in your particulars at SMC notice board in the centre and drop your donation in the pink envelopes provided at SMC.

    All are welcome
    Aug 13
    Sep 24
    The Minding Centre
    Practical Buddhist Counselling & Meditation ( August to September )

    You are your own best counsellor.
    Why Buddhist counselling (non-religious)
  • Focuses on positive self-help
  • No need to tell problems to others
  • No medication or expensive therapy
  • Goes down to the root of the problem
  • Focuses on emotional resilience
  • A history of well known case studies
  • Based on 2500 years of practical wisdom
    Intake 5: 5, 12, 19, 26 Sep (Sat 7.00 - 9.00 pm)
    Instructor: Piya Tan
    Venue: The Minding Centre
    Course Fees: $140 with course book
    For course details:
    TO REGISTER, please download form: or call Ratna at 8211 0879.

    (2) BEGINNERS' MEDITATION COURSE (monthly intake)
    Learn stress management and emotional resilience early in life. Please do not wait until you really need them, and then grasp at straws. It's all in the mind, so let us begin there. (Piya Tan)
    Intake 41: 13, 20, 27 Aug (Thu 7.30 - 9.30 pm)
    Intake 42: 10, 17, 24 Sep (Thu 7.30 - 9.30 pm)
    Instructor: Piya Tan
    Venue: The Minding Centre
    Course Fees: $90 per intake
    For course details:

    TO REGISTER, please download form: or call Ratna at 8211 0879.

    The Minding Centre
    Blk 644 Bukit Batok Central, #01-68 (2nd flr),
    (near Bukit Batok MRT/Interchange) Singapore 650644.
    HP: 8211 0879

    Dharmafarer (Sutta) website:
    Meditation courses & therapy:

    Biography of Piya Tan
    Piyasilo ("Piya") Tan was an ordained Theravada Buddhist monk for over 20 years. During his first year of monkhood, he co-founded the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (Vice-President). He also founded the Friends of Buddhism Malaysia and the Friends of Buddhism Singapore. During the latter half of this period he founded the Dharmafarers, a community of full-time lay Buddhist workers. In his layman years before ordination, while Principal of the Seck Kia Eenh Dharma School (Malacca Buddhist Association, Malaysia), he prepared and implemented the Integrated Syllabus of Buddhist Studies, the most comprehensive Buddhist syllabus in Malaysia and Singapore then.

    He was regular consultant and lecturer to the Buddhist Studies Team (Buddhist Studies for Secondary Schools in Singapore, Ministry of Education) in the 1980s. After that he was Visiting Scholar at the University of California at Berkeley, USA. He has written numerous educational books on Buddhism (such as "Total Buddhist Work") and spoken at various international and inter-religious forums. He is well-known for his futuristic visions of Buddhism, especially in terms of the full-time lay Buddhist ministry. He is best known for his national Dharma courses in Malaysia and Singapore and has been advisor or consultant to various tertiary Buddhist societies.

    Since 2000, Piya has been living with his family in Singapore, where he is an interdenominational full-time Buddhist worker. He is consultant and Dharma teacher to various organizations, institutions and projects. He regards himself as an ongoing student of Buddhism.

    Piyasilo's Higher Ordination (upasampada) under H.H. Somdet Phra Vanarat, the 17th Supreme Patriarch of the Thai Buddhist Order (24 June 1972, Wat Srakes Rajavaramahavihara, Bangkok, Thailand). This picture shows the ordination candidate offering the monk's bowl to the Preceptor and the lay sponsor, Khun Banchong Sowaprux, bearing traditional offerings. Note: Read more about Piya Tan in Wikipedia

    All are welcome
  • Aug 15
    Tzu Chi Singapore
    Seventh lunar month is actually an auspicious month of gratitude and joy

    The coming seventh lunar month is actually an auspicious month of gratitude and joy.

    In such an auspicious month, there is actually no need to sacrifice offerings to worship, nor does it require the burning of paper money to bring in good luck…

    Instead, you are cordially be invited to join us in a prayer session organized by Tzu Chi Singapore Branch on 15 and 16 Aug 2009, with love and kind actions, let’s pray for a disaster-free world.

    The details are as follows:

    Event : A Prayer Session for the Seventh Lunar Month– An Auspicious Month of Gratitude and Joy
    Date : 15-16 August 2009 (Sat, Sun)
    Time :
  • i. 15 Aug 2009 7.30pm (for those stay in South East and North East);
  • ii. 16 Aug 2009 1.30pm (for those stay in South West and Southern Central);
  • iii. 16 Aug 2009 4.00pm (for those stay in North West and Northern Central)
    Venue : Tzu Chi Singapore Branch- Jing Si Hall
    9, Elias Road, Singapore 519937.
    Enquiries : 65829958
    Website :

    All are welcome
  • Aug 163Gems
    3Gems Tour: Wat Ananda Temple

    Regsiter your full name , HP, email, total number of participants and touer destination to:-

    All are welcome
    Aug 17Tzu Chi Singapore
    Blissful Life Talk (Mandarin)

    Event : Blissful Life Talk (Mandarin)
    Date : 19 August 2009 (Wed)
    Time : 7.30pm- 9.30pm
    Speaker : Yang Chi-lin, Deputy Director of Taiwan’s Aviation Police Office
    Venue : Tzu Chi Singapore Branch- Jing Si Hall
    9, Elias Road, Singapore 519937.
    Enquiries : 65829958
    Website :

    All are welcome
    Aug 18Dharma Drum Singapore
    Fun Cycling @ East Coast Park

    Date & Time: Sunday 30th Aug 2009, 8:30a.m.-1p.m.
    Fees: $5 (for lunch, snack and drinks, excludes bicycle rental)
    Age: 18-35
    Dress code: Casual & Light
    Closing Date: 16th Aug 2009 Reply to email to register. See U!
    English version:
    Chinese version:

    All are welcome
    Aug 18Dharma Drum Singapore
    Spiritual Environmentalism Lesson
    Yoga Class 10 Lessons

    Dharma Drum Singapore is pleased to annouce 2 coming classes.

    Spiritual Environmentalism Lesson (Starting 18 Aug 09)
    Date : Every Tuesday for 8 weeks
    Time : 730pm - 930pm

    Yoga Class 10 Lessons (Starting 28 Aug 09)
    Date : Every Friday
    Time : 730pm - 830pm
    Alternatively, you may call DDM @ 67355900 for more details.

    All are welcome
    Aug 20
    Kong Meng San Monastery
    Ksitigarbha Sutra Recitation

    All are welcome

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