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    May 2016

    May 01By The Buddhist Library
    Need To Find Your Balance?
    One Day Minfulness
    Labour Day Retreat 2016

    Date: 1 May 2016 (Sun)
    Time: 8am – 7pm
    Venue: The Buddhist Library,
    Fees: Free of charge, All are Welcome!
    Register: Please email us your name and email address to

    “Realization does not arise out of words.
    Understanding does not come from mere suggestions.
    I urge all those who work for enlightenment
    To meditate with perseverance and effort.
    Endurance and effort overcome the greatest of difficulties.
    May there be no obstacles for those who seek enlightenment.”

    Meditate With Perseverance ~ Milarepa

    All are welcome
    May 01 By Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
    Hair For Hope

    KMSPKS is Children Cancer Foundation's 1st Satellite station for 2016 and we aims to for have 300 shavees and raise at least $150,000 end by 31 July 2016. Demonstrating the virtues of love and compassion in the Buddhist teachings, KMSPKS’ staff, volunteers, devotees and Buddhist patrons in Singapore will shave their heads to tell support and show children with cancer that it is OK fine to be bald. We encourage members of the public to sign up as a shavee at Hair for Hope 2016 @ KMSPKS. Together, let us use our actions to show the children with cancer and their families that they are not alone in their battle with cancer!

    Make a date with us on the 1st May(Sunday) Labour Day @ 9:30 am
    Satellite Code : B7ED35

    All are welcome
    May 04
    May 05
    The Esplanade . By Buddhist Fellowship, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery and Sadhu for the Music
    Sadhu for the Music

    Sadhu for the Music is a concert that explores the themes of joy, peace and meaning in the Buddhist context through the arts. In addition to being an elegant showcase of Buddhist music, the concert hopes to uplift people by sharing the inspiration of Vesak.

    An ancient Indian word, "sadhu" is used as an expression of appreciation, entreating everyone to rejoice in thoughts and acts of good. It is also a term that indicates well-being - an expression of a sincere wish for everyone to be safe and happy. There are many styles and genres of Buddhist music, ranging from the cultural and esoteric to the contemporary and accessible, but each style encapsulates beauty and significance in its own context while allowing the core message of Buddhism to remain untouched. It is the work of this concert to fashion all these disparate strands and styles into one aesthetic whole, so that every genre has its place on the Esplanade stage, with the message of inspiration shining through.

    Guiding this effort is Imee Ooi, the internationally-acclaimed Buddhist music composer, performer and lyricist who is one of the leading exponents of Buddhist music in the region. The concert will draw on her extensive experience in composition and staging critically-acclaimed performances, including one right here at the Esplanade Concert Hall. She will draw on the combined voice of leading Buddhist singers and performers from South East Asia, and work with them to align their minds, bodies and voices to deliver the 25 songs in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia and Pali (the language of the early Buddhist texts) for the show.

    Come and see for yourselves a concert that is prepared, presented and performed mindfully - a concert of Buddhist music that will transcend, inspire and uplift.

    For more information, please visit

    Through all SISTIC Channels
    20% Discount for Senior Citizens (aged 55 years and above) / Local & Overseas Students / NSF
    [Valid from 8 Mar 2016 onwards]
    [Applicable to CAT 4, 5 & 10 only]
    [Verification: Present valid ID / Student Pass / SAF 11B (Military IC)]
    [Please note that random checks on concession tickets will be conducted at the point of entry]
    [Patrons unable to present proof of eligibility are required to upgrade their concession tickets to full-priced tickets]
    Click here now for your ticket @ Sistic

    All are welcome
    May 08By Singapore Buddhist Federation
    Singapore Buddhist Federation Vesak 2560 Celebration
    – Compassion • Gratitude • Peace

  • 10 am – 12 pm Reciting the Sutra of Medicine Buddha & Paying Homage to the Buddha
  • 10 am – 7 pm Bathing of Prince Siddhartha / Vesak Fair
  • 12 pm – 1.30 pm Mother’s Day & Students’ Blessing
  • 7 pm – 9 pm Vesak Forum (Mandarin)
    Date: 8 May 2016 (Sun)
    Time: 10 am – 9 pm
    Venue: Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
    Enquiry: 6744 4635 /

    All are welcome
  • May 08By Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
    Vesak 2560 Celebration
    – Compassion • Gratitude • Peace
    Singapore Dhamma Talk by Luang Por Sumedho
    in conjunction with Vesak Day Program at KMSPKS

    Date: Sunday 8th May 2016
    Time: 2.00pm-4pm (Participants need to be seated by 2.15pm)
    Venue: Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
    Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall | Level 4 | Hall of No Form
    Talk outline : "Gratitude”

    Register :

    Venerable Ajahn Sumedho: a brief biography

    Ajahn Sumedho was born as Robert Jackman in Seattle in 1934.

    He served as a medic in the US Navy in the Korean War, during which visits to Japan awakened an interest in Asian studies, an interest that he pursued after leaving the Navy and enrolling at the University of California in Berkeley. This was succeeded by voluntary service in the Peace Corps in Sabah, Malaysia, 1964-66. However, still searching for inner peace, he visited monasteries in Bangkok but ended up travelling on impulse to North East Thailand where at Wat Saket in Nong Khai he became a novice monk (samanera), in 1966, and a bhikkhu in 1967.

    The young Bhikkhu Sumedho was inspired to take on training under Ven. Ajahn Chah in Wat Pah Pong, a forest monastery near Ubon, about 450 kilometres/275 miles south-east of Nong Khai. He felt drawn to Ajahn Chah’s more exacting standard of training, which he felt would build greater self-discipline. As he frequently recounts, it made him aware of his emotional immaturity and provided the means to take personal responsibility for the suffering that his mind created. Out of gratitude for the ‘Dhamma-parenting’ of Ajahn Chah, after his fifth rains season as a bhikkhu, Ven. Sumedho offered his life to serve his teacher. This led him to accept the invitation to start a monastery for Westerners (Wat Pah Nanachat) close to Wat Pah Pong in 1975. His sojourn as abbot there was relatively brief however: when Ajahn Sumedho1 stopped in London for a few days on returning from a family visit to California in 1976, he stayed at the Hampstead Buddhist Vihara and there met George Sharp, the chairman of the English Sangha Trust – a charity set up in 1956 to support the establishment of a Bhikkhu- Sangha in the West. Their meeting led to Mr. Sharp travelling to Thailand to visit Ajahn Chah and invite him and Ajahn Sumedho to London in 1977. With Ajahn Chah’s permission and blessing, Ajahn Sumedho stayed on at the vihara, where he was joined by Ajahn Khemadhammo, Ven. Anando and Ven. Viradhammo.

    Ajahn Chah had emphasized that, even though they lived in London, the group of bhikkhus should go out on the streets on a daily alms- round: both to let people see them and to keep the bhikkhus tuned in to the principle of alms-mendicancy. What no one expected was that this would result in the sangha being offered a sizeable tract of woodland in West Sussex. But a chance encounter with a jogger crossing Hampstead Heath in 1978 resulted in just that – with the enticing possibility that the sangha could live in an environment more suited to their training. However, as the woodland had no accommodation facilities, and as the legal process of transferring the ownership to the English Sangha Trust was protracted, it wasn’t until June 1979 that, with the chance sale of the nearby Chithurst House, the move could take place. As the house was derelict, it required the community to commit to a very full schedule of work to make it livable. But Ajahn Chah, visiting Britain in June 1979, spent a week at Chithurst and gave it his blessing. Ajahn Sumedho, realizing that, at this time, there would be no possibility for any of the community to practise solitary dwelling (kayaviveka), decided that the name of the monastery, punning on ‘Chithurst,’ should be ‘Cittaviveka’: ‘the mind that has withdrawn from corruptions’. It was the first forest monastery in Britain, and in 1981, the first permanent ordination precinct (sima) in the West was established there by Ven. Ananda Maitreya Mahanayaka Thera of Sri Lanka. At that time, Ajahn Sumedho had just recently been given the authority to grant Admission to the Bhikkhu-Sangha (upasampada), the formally established sima meant that he could begin to induct men into the Bhikkhu-Sangha, which he first did in July 1981. He followed that up by requesting and obtaining permission to give the Going-Forth (pabbajja) to women, which he began doing in 1983. This meant that the Sangha was now properly established in Britain.

    Prior to Ajahn Sumedho’s arrival in Hampstead, London in 1977, the presentation of Theravada had predominantly been of a scholastic nature, interspersed with formal meditation instructions. No one had presented Theravada, let alone monastic training, as a way of life and support for the realization of nibbana. Not only that, but the training that Ajahn Sumedho spoke of and embodied was earthy, and gave rise to deep insights into the Western mind. It gave rise to ease, contentment and a surprising degree of flexibility and good humour. And as he and his growing number of followers demonstrated, it wasn’t just theory – this way of life, drawing close to the lifestyle of the early Sangha, could be lived in the contemporary West. Through accepting many invitations to teach, and adopting the ten-day retreat form popularized by U Ba Khin and Goenka-ji, Ajahn Sumedho soon became a very popular teacher in the West. With popularity came requests to start other monasteries where his monastic disciples could live, practise and be a support to local lay communities. The first of these branch monasteries, now called Aruna Ratanagiri, was established at Harnham, in Northumberland, in 1981. Within a couple of years, supporters in Devon also set up a residence for bhikkhus; this led to the subsequent establishment of Hartridge Buddhist Monastery. Requests for monasteries in New Zealand and Switzerland soon followed; and in the 1990s monasteries were also established in Italy and California. However before these later foundations had come to be, Ajahn Sumedho had taken a step to realize his own vision of a setting for the practice of Dhamma. Sensing the limitations of Cittaviveka, and acknowledging both the growth of the nuns’ sangha and the eagerness of laypeople to hear talks, spend time in a monastery and go on retreats, Ajahn Sumedho was, by the early 1980s, on the lookout for a property in Britain that could provide suitable facilities. In 1984, a couple of close supporters found something suitable: a school that had also been a place to evacuate children to during the Second World War, north of London and near to Hemel Hempstead. It was fairly basic – a cluster of long single-story wooden buildings around a central playground with a few acres of meadow out back. However, St. Margaret’s School was up for sale at a bargain price, and so – ‘Amaravati’ (‘the Deathless Realm’) was born.

    From August 1984 until his retirement as abbot in November 2010, Ajahn Sumedho was based at Amaravati. It was here that he attempted something new in terms of the Forest Tradition – a monastery that was envisioned as offering laypeople with a retreat facility, and a venue for festivals and public talks. It remains as Ajahn Sumedho’s offering to society as a place for teaching, for meditation and for family occasions.

    Excerpts from Introduction of the book "Peace is a Simple Step".

    All are welcome
    May 09Wat Palelai Buddhist Temple. By BuddhaDhamma Foundation
    Meal Sangha Dana Offering: Luang Por Sumedho

    Date:Monday 9th May 2016,
    Time:8.30 am
    Venue:Wat Palelai Buddhist Temple

    Wat Palelai Buddhist temple and BuddhaDhamma Foundation cordially invites all to take part in food Dana offering, short chanting and to listen to brief Dhamma messages from Luang Por Sumedho.

    9th May 2016, Monday Programme
  • 8.30am - Food items (vegetarian preferred) to be prepared and arranged
  • 9.00am - Meal Dana Offering

    Venue :
    Wat Palelai Buddhist Temple
    49 Bedok Walk, Singapore 469145.

    All are welcome
  • May 14
    May 21
    By Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
    Vesak Celebration 2560 BE

    All are welcome
    May 21Level 1 The Dharma Cakra Society . By My Little Gems Preschool
    Celebrating Life on Vesak Day!

    Come join us for a morning of family fun activities, skit performances and sing-along, as we celebrate the joys of living on Vesak Day.

    Date : May, 21st 2016, Saturday
    Time : 08.30 am to 10am
    Venue : Level 1 The Dharma Cakra Society
    38 Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419500

    Bring your whole family along to be part of this momentous occasion!

    RSVP :
    Email :
    Call : 6748 7483

    Proudly brought to you by:
    My Little Gems Preschool
    The Dharma Cakra Society

    All are welcome
    May 21By Thekchen Choling Singapore
    Vesak Celebration 2560 BE

    Thekchen Choling (Singapore)
    2 Beatty Lane, Singapore 209945
    Tel: (65) 6466 3720
    Fax : (65) 6465 6736

    All are welcome
    May 21By Buddhist Youth Network
    Gratitude Is Attitude

    Go forth for the good of the many, for the
    happiness of the many, out of compassion for the
    world, for the welfare, the good and the
    happiness of gods and men.

    Let no two of you go in the same direction.
    Teach the Dharma which is beautiful in the
    beginning, beautiful in the middle and
    beautiful at the end.

    Proclaim both the letter and the spirit of
    the holy life completely fulfilled
    and perfectly pure.

    Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

    The Buddha (Mahavagga, Vinaya Pitaka)

    All are welcome
    May 21Full moon in May


    Today in the year 2560 ( BE ), Buddhists throughout the world celebrate the birth,the enlightenment and the passing away to parinibanna of Gautama Buddha on Vesak Day. Send a Buddhist webcard to your friends by clicking here

    "A unique Being, an extraordinary Man
    arises in this world for the benefit of the many,
    for the happiness of the many,
    out of compassion for the world,
    for the good, benefit,
    and happiness of gods and men.

    Who is this Unique Being?
    It is the Tathagata, the Exalted,
    Fully Enlightened One."

    - Anguttara Nikaya PT. 1, XII P.22.

    May 25SOTA Concert Hall. By Brahm Education Centre
    Launching The Science & Impact of Mindfulness Seminar

    Topic : Launching The Science & Impact of Mindfulness Seminar
    Date : Wednesday, 25 May 2016
    Time : 7pm - 9:30pm
    Venue :
    SOTA (School Of The Arts)
    Concert Hall
    1 Zubir Said Drive (opp. Dhoby Ghaut MRT)
    Singapore 227968

    Book your tickets early:

    All are welcome
    May 26
    May 30
    By Wat Ananda Metyarama Buddhist Society Youth Circle, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Palelai Buddhist Temple and Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha
    Dhamma Tour By Luang Por Anek and Entourage in Singapore

    All are welcome
    May 28Poh Ming Tse Temple. By Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha
    Dhamma Tour By Luang Por Anek and Entourage in Singapore

    Organizer: Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha
    Teacher: Ajahn Dton
    Event: One-day Meditation
    Date:28/05/2016 (Sat)
    Time : 8:15am to 5.30pm
    Venue: Poh Ming Tse Temple
    Registration : click here
    Closing Date: 21/05/2016
    Meditation Venue: Poh Ming Tse Temple
    438 Dunearn Road Tel: 6466 0785
    Singapore 289613 Fax: 6467 7810
    Medium: English
    Retreat Fee: by Donation
    Enquiry : Ren Huan: 9005 4983 |

    Vegetarian Lunch will be provided.

    For the purification of sila (precepts) so as to reap maximum benefits in the meditation practice, all yogis are strongly encouraged to abide by the 8 precepts (including no meals after noon).

    Retreat Timetable 28/05/2016 (Saturday)
  • 08:15 am – 08:30 am Registration
  • 08:30 pm – 08:45 am Briefing
  • 08:45 am – 10:00 am Dana
  • 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Meditation starts
  • 12:00 pm – 01:00 pm Lunch & Rest
  • 01:00 pm – 05:30 pm Meditation continue
  • 05:30 pm – 07:00 pm Break
  • 07:00 pm – 09:00 pm Dhamma Talk by LP Anek

    Ajahn Dton (17 Vassa)

    Ajahn Maha Dton Dhirapanno was born in Chonburi, Thailand, in 1967. He graduated as a medical student in Thailand. After graduation, he continued with his medical studies from 1994 to 1997 in the American Board of Pediatrics from Children Hospital of Michigan under a scholarship provided by the government of Thailand. During this period, he was awarded The Best of hospitality Winner.

    After he completed his PhD, he found himself in a meditation retreat in US under the guidance of Ajahn of Jayasaro, the abbot of Wat Pah Nanachat. Through this retreat, though he was still a lay person then, he realized that the monastic life is what he had been looking for.

    Ajahn Maha Dton Dhirapanno returned to Thailand and went forth in Wat Pah Nanachat. With perseverance, he completed a Buddhist course which entitled him the honour of a “Maha”. (“Maha signifies proficiency in Grade 3 Pali). At present, he is the Buddhist adviser and meditation instructor in hospitals, government departments and schools in the vicinity of Wat Pah Bun Lom.

    All are welcome
  • May 29By Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
    Blood Donation Drive

    Date: 29 May 2016
    Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm
    Venue: KMSPKS , Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas, Level 2 Hall of Medicine Buddha
    Registration methods to be a blood donor:
  • Reception Office
  • Email your contact details to
  • Walk-in on the event day

    *Please bring along your NRIC, Driving License or Work Permit for registration purposes. Please call Singapore Red Cross at 62200183 for Travel Overseas Criteria and more details. Thank You!

    All are welcome

  • TR ALIGN=center>

    June 2016

    Jun 04
    Jun 12
    Hua Hin, Thailand . By Bodhinyana Singapore
    Executive Meditation Retreat with Ajahn Brahm

    Register here at: Eventbrite

    PRIORITY BOOKING - till 14 Feb with payment FULL RETREAT PROGRAM*
    4 June: Welcome Dinner from 6:30pm-8:30pm

    5 June - 7 June (Free & Easy)
    7am Breakfast | 9am - 11am Morning Meditation & Talk | Tea Break | Free & Easy Afternoon | 6:30pm Dinner | 8pm Evening Talk & Meditation

    8 June - 11 June (Silent Retreat)
    7am Breakfast | 9am - 11am Morning Meditation & Talk | 11:30am Lunch | 3pm Meditation & Sutta Class | 5 pm Tea Break | 7pm Evening Talk & Meditation

    12 June
    6am Meditation & Morning Talk | 8am Breakfast | Departure

    The above program is subject to adjustments.

    1. Please arrive on 4th June 2016
    2. FREE coach transfers will be provided from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Sheraton Hua Hin. Last coach will leave at 6pm. Booking for the scheduled coaches will be provided. Please book your air tickets and provide your flight information in a follow up email that will be sent to you.
    3. FREE coaches will be provided from airport to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport from Sheraton Hua Hin on 12 June starting at 8am. Last coach will leave the hotel at 12pm.
    4. Meals - buffet will offer vegetarian options.
    5. From 8 - 12 June: Silence is to be obseved at all times during this part of the retreat and to refrain from watching TV or listening to music

    Please make your payment within 24 hours of your reservation or it will be canceled.

    All are welcome
    Jun 07
    Jun 09
    By Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Youth
    Camp Awareness 2016 JUn 7 to 11
    Dharma And The City 14 July 2016

    All are welcome
    Jun 08By Buddhist library
    Introduction to Buddhist Psychology

    Topic : Introduction to Buddhist Psychology
    Date : 08 Jun 2016 (Every Wed)
    Time : 7.30pm to 9.30pm
    Venue : The Buddhist Library, Seminar Room
    Fees : $130 for BL Members, $160 for non members
    Poster :
    Register : Click here

  • Consciousness - What & Where? Are we really what we are?
  • Are our sense organs & perception reliable?
  • Can we exist without "objects" (Arammana)?
  • Where are we heading to (after death)?
  • Is Meditation useful in daily life?
  • The personal path - Alone or Lonely?
  • How life came about?

    About the Trainer Dr. Jeffrey Po

    Profile: Dr. Jeffrey Po has designed and delivered this topic in the Buddhist Library since 2003. Originally 6-lesson, this course has expanded into the current 10-lesson programme over time. Jeffrey is a counselling-psychotherapist in private practice and has been associated with the Buddhist Library as its past secretary.

    He is also the founder and past president of the Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (Singapore) and a management member with the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association. He is also the Clinical Advisor to the Serenity Place (a counselling centre arm of the Singapore Buddhist Federation). He has presented many workshops and papers related to meditation and psychotherapy in international conferences and conventions.

    All are welcome
  • Jun 08
    Jun 11
    By Fu Hui Buddhist Cultural Centre @ Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services
    Dharma Talks by Venerable Jing Yin (conducted in Mandarin)
    How to Attain Tranquility of the Mind-Body
    — Wisdom for Living found in Platform Sutra

    Topic :
    How to Attain Tranquility of the Mind-Body
    — Wisdom for Living found in Platform Sutra
    Dates :
    8 June 2016 (Wednesday) to 11 June 2016 (Saturday)
    Time :
    8 pm to 9.30 pm
    Venue :
    Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services, Shrine Hall
    105 Punggol Road S(546636)
    (diagonally opposite Punggol Park, adjacent to Sengkang Fire Station)
    Location Map:
    Venerable Jing Yin (Professor, Nanjing University, China)

    For enquiries please email or call 6489 8161.

    Free admission. All are welcome.

    All are welcome
    Jun 14Chui Huay Lim Club. By Buddhist Fellowship

    Event Details
    Dhamma Talk by Ajahn Brahm
    Date: 14 June 2016
    Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm
    Venue: Chui Huay Lim Club, 190 Keng Lee Road, Singapore 308409
    Topic: Meditation: Unlocking The Secret Of The Mind

    All are welcome
    Jun 15By Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
    Design competition for the Conceptual Design of a Lightweight Canopy

    Title :
    Design competition for the Conceptual Design of a Lightweight Canopy.

    Details :
    The monastery invites innovative ideas for a lightweight canopy to replace existing tents at the open court fronting the Hall of Great Compassion. The canopy is an important facility providing comfort for people during large scale events. This structure may be a permanent, operable or deployable design in a comtemporary style. The design should retain good visibility of the Hall and its attractive architectural while fulfilling the needs of providing adequate shelter,ventilation and comfort for users.

    Location :
    Forecourt of the Hall of Great Compassionat Kong Meng San Pork Kark See Monastery.

    Eligibility :
    Open to the public. Entries may submitted on an individual basis OR as a group comprising up to 5 persons per team. Each participant/team is limited to ONE entry only.

    Prizes :
    1st Prize $3,000 , 2nd Prize $2,000 , 3rd Prize $1,000.

    Judging :
    The jury will comprise professional architects,university professors and representatives of the monastery.

    Charrette :
    Participants are encouraged to attend a one-day charrette at the monastery on Saturday, 25 June 2016. This free event will be conducted by professional architects to familiarise partcipants with the functional. technical and other aspects of the competition. Lunch and workshop materials will be provided. More details will be provided to registered particpants.

    Registration :
    Closes at 12.00 noon on Friday. 17 June 2016.

    Deadline :
    Entries are to be submitted before 12.00 noon on Friday. 15 July 2016 at the monastery's Reception Office.

    Submission :
    A maximum of two A1 size horizontal panels mounted on foam board in any medium. Cost of submission shall be borne by the participant.

    Copyright :
    The author(s) shall retain ownership of the design but consent to it's unrestricted use including construction of the design by the monastery without any further compensation to the author(s).

    Enquiry :
    Contact Mr Lee Hian Hui at 6849 5344 OR email to

    Tuesday, 24 May 2016 at 09:00 - Friday, 17 June 2016 at 12:00 (SGT) - Add to Calendar

    Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery 88 Bright Hill Road. Singapore 574117 Details here

    All are welcome
    Jun 18
    Jun 19
    Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce Auditorium (tankahkeei Church) . By PA-AUK MEDITATION CENTRE (SINGAPORE) and Mercy Hospital jointly organized
    Seminar : Between life and death, wisdom and compassion

    Details click here

    Admission voucher.
    Registration: Please click URL tickets: .
    Fare: One Day Pass - $ 37.15 / ticket two days - $ 52.50

    All are welcome
    Jun 22
    Jun 24
    By Fu Hui Buddhist Cultural Centre @ Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services
    Dharma Talks by Venerable Ji Chi (in Mandarin)
    The Causes and Conditions for Circulation of Sentient Beings in Cyclic Existence

    Topic :
    The Causes and Conditions for Circulation of Sentient Beings in Cyclic Existence
    Dates :
    22 June 2016 (Wednesday) to 24 June 2016 (Friday)
    Time :
    8 pm to 9.30 pm
    Venue :
    Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services, Shrine Hall
    105 Punggol Road S(546636)
    (diagonally opposite Punggol Park, adjacent to Sengkang Fire Station)
    Location Map:
    Venerable Ji Chi

    For enquiries please email or call 6489 8161.

    Free admission. All are welcome.

    All are welcome
    Jun 22
    Jun 23
    By Wat Ananda Buddhist Temple, Palelai Buddhist Temple and Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha
    English Dhamma Talk in Singapore by Ajahn Vajiro

    Date: Wednesday 22nd June,
    Time: 7.15 pm
    Venue: Wat Ananda

    Date: Thursday 23rd June,
    Time: Meal Dana 11am Venue: Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha
    24 Lorong 29 Geylang
    #04-00 Leow Sih Building
    Singapore 388073

    Time: Dhamma Talk 7.15pm
    Venue: Palelai Buddhist Temple

    Venerable Vajiro (Phil Gunton) was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1953. He was educated at Lancing College in England, and went on to study Economics at Bath University. Upon graduating in 1974, he took up a career in accountancy. During this period, a friend encouraged him to go on a ten-day meditation retreat with John Coleman at the Oakenholt Buddhist Centre near Oxford. He attended further retreats there in 1976 and 1977.

    Hearing about the visit Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho made to Oakenholt in 1977, he went to meet them at the Hampstead Vihara. He eventually moved next door to the vihara, while continuing his training as an accountant. In 1978, however, he asked to join the community as an anagarika; he then stayed a while at Chithurst, before travelling to Wat Pah Pong in Thailand. He became a samanera there in 1979, and received upasampada from Ajahn Chah the following year.

    Venerable Vajiro returned to England in 1984, and assisted with the establishment of Amaravati Buddhist Centre. Currently he is based in Portugal, Sumedharama Forest Monastery, where he is helping to establish a new Theravada Buddhist community.

    All are welcome
    Jun 26By Buddhist library
    Bodhi Walk 2016: Harmony With Nature

    Date: 26 Jun 2016 (Sun)
    Time: 7.30am to 11.00am
    Venue: Activity Lawn 1- Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park,
    Along Bishan Road & Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 S569981
    Fees: $15 per pax, $50 per group of 4

    All are welcome

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