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    September 2018

    Sep 01
    Sep 09
    Vipassana Meditation Centre ( Singapore )
    Vipassana Meditation Retreat

    Application Form :( Vacancy is limited, Priority will be given to full time meditators, First Come First Serve)
    Closing Date : 28 August 2018
    Registration : Form

    All are welcome
    Sep 13
    Sep 23
    Amitabha Buddhist Society
    Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche Teaching Programme

    Event :Gold Crown Offering to Thousand-Arm Chenrezig
    Date & Time :13 Sep, Thursday, 7pm

    Event :Lama Chopa Commentary
    Date & Time :15 – 16 September, Saturday and Sunday, 3 pm
    Date & Time :22 – 23 September, Saturday and Sunday, 3 pm
    Date & Time :29 September, Saturday, 3 pm

    Event :Teaching on Mind Training
    Date & Time :19 September, Wednesday, 7.30 pm

    Event :Amitabha Pure Land Long Life Initiation
    Date & Time :26 September, Wednesday, 7.30 pm

    All are welcome
    Sep 22
    Sep 29
    THUS HAVE I SEEN Buddhist Film Festival
    Vipassana Meditation Retreat

    The moment you’ve been waiting for- we are pleased to announce that ticket sale is NOW OPEN!

    From 22 to 29 Sep, THISBFF will showcase 16 films from 9 countries. Check out full film list on

    Limited tickets available, so grab yours now! We look forward to meeting you during the #THISBFF week. Thank you for your unwavering support!

  • Honeygiver Among the Dogs (PG) Sep 22
  • Karma (PG13) Sep 22
  • Flower and Sword (PG) Sep 22 and Sep 26
  • Sound of Silence (PG) Sep 23
  • Finding Hygge (PG13) Sep 23
  • A Thousand Mothers (PG) Tsunma Tsunma: My Summer With The Female Monastics Of The Himalaya (PG) Sep 23
  • One Mind (PG) Sep 24
  • Tomorrow Never Knows (M18) Sep 25
  • i Suffering of Ninko (R21) Sep 27
  • j Becoming Who I Was (PG) Sep 28
  • k Soul on a String (NC16) Sep 29
  • l Sacred (PG13) Sep 29

    *THISBFF programme booklets are available at SISTIC outlets at Raffles City, Capitol, Millenia Walk, Suntec City and Esplanade at the moment.

    All are welcome
  • Sep 22
    Sep 26
    Uttamayanmuni Buddhist Temple and Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha
    Singapore Dharma Tour
    By Ajahn Cagino

    Venue: Uttamayanmuni Buddhist Temple
    32B Hongsan Terrace Singapore 688785
    Tel: 6769 1751

    Venue: Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha
    e-mail: 24 Lorong 29 Geylang
    #04-00 Leow Sih Building
    Singapore 388073
    Tel : 9679 7519

    Enquiry : Ren Huan: 9005 4983
    Leng Chin : 9641 4586
    Online registration for the 2 day retreat or 1 day:

    All are welcome


    October 2018

    Oct 01
    Oct 31
    Kong Meng San Monastery
    KMS Dharma School 2019 New Student Registration

    Registration date : 1 Oct to 31 Oct 2018

    KMS Kids Chinese School (P1) – 1.30pm to 3.30pm, Saturday
  • 2019 Saturday registration is opened for P1 student (7 years old) only
    KMS Kids English School (P1) – 4pm to 6pm, Saturday
  • 2019 Saturday registration is opened for P1 student (7 years old) only
    KMS Teens School (S1-S4) and KMS Youth – 9am to 11.50am, Sunday
  • 2019 Sunday registration is opened for all levels

    Parents may register through :
    1) Online Registration –
  • 2019 New Students Registration KMS Kids Chinese Class (1.30pm to 3.30pm)
  • 2019 New Students Registration KMS Kids English Class (4.00pm to 6.00pm)
  • 2019 New Students Registration KMS Teens Sunday Class (9am to 11.50am)
  • 2019 New Students Registration KMS YOUTH – MP1 & 2 (9am to 11.50am)

    2) Reception Office @ KMSPKS : 9am – 4pm
    Please submit one recently taken passport-size photograph:>/b>Through email:

    All are welcome
  • Oct 24Full Moon in October
    Abhidhamma Day
    The Festival of Lights

    The Full Moon Day of Thadingyut (October) is
    of special significance to the Buddhists, not because it
    is the end of the Rains Retreat (Vassa ) but because it
    highlights one of the most important events in the life
    of Gotama Buddha.

    According to Buddhist chronicles, the Tathagata
    or Buddha, the Enlightened One, went to the Tavatimsa
    Heaven to preach Abhidhamma (Higher Subtleties of
    the Dhamma) to His mother, who passed away seven
    days after His birth and was reborn in the Tusita Heaven
    as a Deva called Santussita.

    The Buddha propounded Abhidhamma for the
    first time there in the presence of Santussita and other
    Devas for 90 days. At the end of the Rains Retreat
    (Vassa) i.e. on the Full Moon Day of Thadingyut, the
    Tathagata descended to earth (to the human abode) at
    the city of Sankassa.

    Now Buddhists observe Abhidhamma Day annually
    in commemoration of the Buddha’s return from
    the abode of celestials to that of human beings. It is a
    significant religious occasion as the Abhidhamma is
    really the golden knowledge which will help one to discard
    wrong views and to acquire the right views for
    one’s total liberation from all miseries. Buddhists offer
    lights to the Buddha image and perform meritorious
    deeds on this day in accordance with the tradition which
    has been upheld since the life time of the Buddha.

    The Festival of Lights in the month of
    Thadingyut (October) may seem an occasion for
    rejoicing and merry-making but in essence, it is an
    auspicious occasion for spiritual delight and merit

    All are welcome
    Oct 26
    Oct 27
    By Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha
    alks supportive of meditation :
    Methods of overcoming greed
    By Ajahn Kai Zhao
    In Mandarin

    Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha
    24 Lorong 29 Geylang
    #04-00 Leow Sih Building
    Singapore 388073
    Tel : 9679 7519

    All are welcome
    Oct 27
    Oct 28
    By Palelai Buddhist Temple and Buddha Dhamma Foundation
    Anapanasati Retreat

    All are welcome

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