Kedah Buddhist Association Youth Circle ( English Section )

ex-Members of
Kedah Buddhist Association
Youth Circle
( English Section)
1977 to 1981

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With a-Peter Robin Chan, b-Ooi Thiam Ban, c-Khor Geak Peng, d-Kua Mei Geik , e-Khoo Cheng Ai, f-Khoo Cheng Gaik, g- Chng Soon Ching and h-Soon Kooi Voon.

a-Khoo Mei Lean,b-Soon Kooi Voon, c-Peter Robin, d-Lee Hup Khoon,e-Chin Eu, f-Chin Lok,g-Chng Soon Ching,h-Tan Tong Joo, i-Boon Seah, j-Fui Nee, k-Girlie Lee, l- late Tan Lay Yong, m-Khor Geak Peng, n-Chin Soo

3-Chong Sui Puan,4-Wendy Lau Chun Hiok,7-Karen Kuah Mei Gaik,8-Christina Soon Mei Li,11- Tai Poh Lin,12-Kuan Poh Foo,13-Jimmy Cheam,15-Lok Ka Sin , 21-Lee Keat Hoe,28-Chew Hee,31- Soh Lee Sin,35-Ooi Thiam Ban

a-Lee Hup Khoon,b-Chin Eu,c-Lee Keat Hoe, d- Soon Kooi Voon,e-Tan Cheng Sim, f-late Tan Lay Yong,g-Khoo Mei Lea,h-Peter Robin Chan

a-Christina Soon,b-late Tan Lee Yong,c-Lee Keat Hoe,d-late Lim Ah Lee,e-Chee Guit Yeng,f-Chong Kim Lim,g-Tan Tong Joo,h-Tai Poh Lin,i-Lok Ka Sin,j-Kenneth Low,k-Soon Kooi Voon and l-Kevin Low.

a-Soon Kooi Voon,b-Tan Cheng Sim,c-Kevin Low, d-Lok Bee Gaik,e-Girlie Lee,f-Tai Poh Lin and g-Khor Geak Peng.

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