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Jesus was a Buddhist monk

1) Jesus's mother is Mary
Buddha's mother is Maya

2) Jesus's father is Joseph or in local dialect "Yuso"
Buddha's father is Suddhodana

3) Holy trinity, the father, the son and holy ghost
Triple Gems, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

4) Virgin birth
Maya had a dream that a holy spirit of a white elephant entered her right womb, She found out the next morning she was pregnant. A divine birth

6) Mary was travelling and stopped at a barn. She gave birth to Jesus under a bright star
Maya was travelling and she gave birth to Gautama under a full moon in garden of Lumbini

6) 3 wise men came with gifts and predictions
Same with the Buddha

7) Mary disappeared from the Gospel after giving birth and Joseph brought up Jesus. This is unusual as Jewish tradition, bring up the kids are the mother's responsibility. Jewish father is to taking care of the farm/ work.
Maya dies after 7 days of giving birth to the Buddha.

8) Jesus was brought up by his father Joseph
Suddodhana brought up Buddha with his second wife Maya's sister

9) Gospel means good news
Sutra means good instrument

10) Praise the Lord
Buddha Puja

11) Amen = sadhu

12) Earlier Church used a cross with lotus base
Lotus flower was a symbol in Buddhism even to this day

13) The second coming of the messiah
The final Buddha is Meitreya

14) many many more similarities .. To answer your question the son of god is actually the dharma, Buddha's teaching. Jesus was spreading the Dharma. The New Testament is actually translated Buddhist sutra that came from the Greek Gospel. The Greek were in Gandhara Afghanistan during the Alexander the Great. From there the translated into today's Gospel

Hinduism didn't exist during the Buddha's time. Hinduism came much later. Much of Hinduism is from Buddhism. India after independence from the British, Mahatma Gandhi declared India's policy will be "Self Reliance" depending on indigenous technology to develop. A Buddhist reporter asked him why chose Buddhism principle when Buddhism has died in India . He replied. Buddhism didn’t die from India. It built the foundation in which today’s Hinduism stand. It's not the other way round

So long the discussion doesn't go into mud slinging contest it should be ok to discuss whether Jesus was a Buddhist monk or not. It's up to individual person to see the facts laid out here and judge it itself if it is true or in the spirit of the Buddhist Kalama Sutta: The Buddha’s Charter of Free Inquiry. Good night everybody and don't be too upset or too happy over it

Modern day Buddha statue on Lotus base in Alberta Canada

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Buddha prophesied the coming of Jesus

Very interesting that Christians claim that Buddha prophesied the coming of Jesus ( Their interpretation of Meitreya)

There are many version of the fifth Buddha Meitreya. Theravada texts says the present Buddha's teaching will last for 5000 years. They take that to mean Meitreya will come after 5000 years in about 2500 years to come. Pure Land Buddhism says Meitreya will come in 5.2 billion years time. Tibetan Buddhism says Meitreya will come in 22000 years from now. Meitreya is in Tushita heaven or the seventh heaven. So to the Buddhists it's not important when Meitreya will come. The present teaching is still valid we don't need him now


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