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Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 12:43 AM

Subject: Different schools of Buddhism

From: Melissa Noble

Please could you say a bit about each Buddism for example Pureland, Zen and Tibeten because I am here for educational purposes.

Thank You


Dear Melissa,

Pure Land Buddhism centres around Amitabha Buddha, the embodiment of the Buddha's enlightenment. Amitabha adherents believe that in reciting Amitabha's name mindfully, when death comes they would be reborn in a sort of happy world, a uotpia if you like, called Sukhavati.

Zen is well known for his unique form of meditation and working hard for self-reliance.

Tibetan Buddhism as the name suggests started in Tibet, when Buddhism was superimposed on the indigenous shamanistic Bon religion.

Be well!

Piya Tan.

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