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    May 2020

    May 06
    May 07
    Buddhist Library , The
    2564 Vesak Day Celebration (Facebook Live)

    Date: 7 May 2020 (Thur)
    Time: 10.00am – 11.00am
    Venue: The Buddhist Library
    Facebook :
    *Special Chanting on eve of Vesak (6 May, Wed) at 7pm

    6 May (Wed), 7pm- Special Chanting – Girimananda Sutta (Facebook Live)
  • 7 May (Thur), 8am- Vesak Day Message by Bhante Dhammaratana (Video)
  • 7 May (Thur), 9am- Vesak Day Message by President of Buddhist Library – Dr. Wong Weng Fai (Video)
  • 7 May (Thur), 9.30am- Vesak Day Message by Ven Wan Chin (Video)
  • 7 May (Thur), 10am- Vesak Day Puja & Dhamma Talk by Bhante Wimalajothi & Bhante Somananda (Facebook Live)

    All are welcome
  • May 07Full moon in May


    Today in the year 2564 ( BE ), Buddhists throughout the world celebrate the birth,the enlightenment and the passing away to parinibanna of Gautama Buddha on Vesak Day. Send a Buddhist webcard to your friends by clicking here

    "A unique Being, an extraordinary Man
    arises in this world for the benefit of the many,
    for the happiness of the many,
    out of compassion for the world,
    for the good, benefit,
    and happiness of gods and men.

    Who is this Unique Being?
    It is the Tathagata, the Exalted,
    Fully Enlightened One."

    - Anguttara Nikaya PT. 1, XII P.22.

    May 05
    May 07

    On Auspicious occasion of BUDDHA PURNIMA (VESAK DAY- 7th May 2020), we are organizing ONLINE programme i.e. GLOBAL BUDDHIST CONGREGATION 2020, on 5th, 6th & 7th MAY 2020. There will be live telecast on Facebook, youtube and Awaaj India channel of Chanting, Prayers and Sermons delivered by Senior Venerable Monks from Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma, Malaysia, S. Korea and India. Live Prayers from Bodhgaya will also be telecasted. You are requested to register and watch online from home, due to Corona virus crisis.

    All are welcome
    May 07By Amitabha Buddhist Centre
    Celebrate Vesak Day 2020 with Online Prayers and Practice

    Thursday, 7 May 2020 (Vesak Day)
  • Part 1: 9 am to 11 am
  • Part 2: 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

    To celebrate Vesak Day 2020 here in Singapore, ABC will be holding an online prayer session where our members and friends can still take part in commemorating the Buddha's birth, enlightenment and parinirvana.

    Join us via ZOOM on Vesak Day, 7 May 2020 (Thursday) to recite the Sutra Remembering the Three Jewels, the Sanghata Sutra, the Praises to the 21 Taras, the Vajra Armour Mantra* and The Prayer Liberating Sakya From Disease.* (*Our Spiritual Director Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche has advised us to recite these two latter prayers to pacify the COVID-19 virus.)

    This online Vesak practice is scheduled as follows:
  • Part 1: 7 May 2020, 9 am - 11 am > Recitation of Sutra Remembering the Three Jewels, Sanghata Sutra (1st half) and Praises to the 21 Taras
  • Part 2: 7 May 2020, 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm > Recitation of Sanghata Sutra (continuing with 2nd half), Vajra Armour Mantra and the Prayer Liberating Sakya From Disease
    The sessions will be led by ABC's sangha members, Ven. Yeshe Gyatso and Ven. Tenzin Tsultrim, and Ng Swee Kim.

    How to Take Part
    Join the sessions on Zoom at:
    Meeting ID: 89831973319
    Password: 591078

    ABC Facebook:
    The sessions will also be live streamed on ABC facebook page.
    No registration is required.
    Text Download Links

    Download the digital copies of the texts here:

    Celebrate Vesak Day 2020 with Online Prayers and PracticeSutra Remembering the Three Jewels:
    Celebrate Vesak Day 2020 with Online Prayers and PracticeSanghata SutraPraises to the 21 Taras:
    Celebrate Vesak Day 2020 with Online Prayers and PracticeVajra Armour Mantra:
    Celebrate Vesak Day 2020 with Online Prayers and PracticePrayer Liberating Sakya From Disease:

    We will also show the respective texts on screen during the sessions.

    We hope that many will join us and come together on the Buddha's holy day to practise, rejoice in the Buddha's inconceivable kindness to sentient beings, accumulate heaps of merit and dedicate for the benefit of all sentient beings.

    All are welcome
  • May 07Kong Meng San Monastery
    Vesak Day 2020

    On this day 2,600 years ago, Shakyamuni Buddha was born in Lumbini Park, now known as Nepal.

    Let’s celebrate the Buddha’s birth day as we remember His virtues and practise his invaluable teachings as He showed us the path to enlightenment.

    All are welcome
    May 07Vipassana Meditation Centre ( Singapore )
    Vesak Day 2020

    Facebook :
    Join Zoom Meeting for VMC Vesak Day Celebration 2020 :
    Meeting ID: 844 0284 5794

    All are welcome
    May 07Singapore Buddhist Mission
    Countdown to E-Vesak 2020 in 5 more days!

    We are thrilled to announce the lineup of our first international #OneMettaApart E-concert hosted by Kyle Kai Fu Neo!Sing to your hearts content alongside live performances of your favorite Buddhist tunes by singers and musicians from our Buddhist family worldwide like Rit Xu, Juliana Lee, Xiao Thoong, Ong Wei Guang, Daniel Yeo and KangKee Ng. Don’t miss the debut of our first Music Video of the "Sing from Home" initiative featuring a collage of brothers and sisters from local and abroad.

    Sign up now to celebrate Vesak Day on 7th May virtually with us on ZOOM @ and receive the link right in your inbox! Join us for a day of blessings, Dharma talks and online activities to celebrate this significant day

    Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we are all mandated to stay home and stay safe. As such, SBM is holding our annual Vesak Celebrations online by broadcasting and getting together virtually via ZOOM, a video-conferencing platform. We look forward to have you join us for a day of activities to celebrate this significant Buddhist festival as scheduled below.

    Sign up below to receive the ZOOM link in your email inbox which you can use to access our full Morning activities. You may join anytime you wish with the link. Look forward to seeing you and your family (online) soon on 7th of May! :)

    Register your interest for E-Vesak @ SBM here!

    All are welcome
    May 07BuddhistYouthNetwork
    Countdown to E-Vesak 2020 in 5 more days!

    This year, given the measures in places due to the outbreak of Covid-19, it is not possible to carry on with normal Vesak activities. However, this is not going to stop Buddhists from celebrating this season of gratitude, inspiration, and reflection.

    Join us for the Vesak eCountdown celebration to usher in Vesak Day! Details are as follows:

    Date: 6 May 2020
    Time: 10:45pm - 12:15am
    Platform: BYN FacebookLive & YouTube Happy Live Happy Live
    Website: BuddhistYouthNetwork

    Exclusive COVID-19 frontliners experience
    World Peace lamp offering to usher in Vesak Day
    First-ever, never-before eBlessings by respected Venerables from all 3 traditions!

    Let us come together in unity to commemorate the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and passing away by upholding the values He taught - love, compassion, gratitude and kindness!

    All are welcome


    June 2020

    Jun 01Great Compassion Hall. By Kong Meng San Monastery
    Hall of Universal Brightness

    Did you know the Hall of Universal Brightness was the first hall built in KMSPKS?

    Hall of Universal Brightness houses three Buddha statues, symbolising the Buddhas of the past, present and future. Shakyamuni Buddha stated that the next Buddha of this human world would be Maitreya Buddha. The name Maitreya means “one who possesses loving-kindness” as he would willingly grant help to his devotees.

    Other interpretations of the symbolism of the three Buddha statues include the three bodies of the Buddha: Truth Body, Bliss Body and Manifestation Body, and the representation of Shakyamuni Buddha in the centre with Amitabha Buddha and Medicine Buddha on his left and right respectively.

    Jun 17

    "If listening to Dhamma makes your heart at peace, that's good enough. You don't need to remember anything. Some may not believe this. If we make our heart peaceful and just listen, letting it pass by but contemplating continuously like this, then we're like a tape recorder. After some time when we turn on, everything is there. Have no fear that there won't be anything. As soon as you turn on your tape recorder, everything is there.

    I wish to offer this to every bhikkhu and to everyone. Some of you probably know only a little Thai, but that doesn't matter. May you learn the language of the Dhamma. That's good enough!"

    ~ Ajahn Chah (The Training of the Heart)


    Today, 17 June is the late Ven Ajahn Chah Subhaddo's birthday. Let's pay homage to the extraordinary teacher by recollecting his teachings and by truly practising them dilligently.

    These are the recordings of the complete collection of all the talks by Ajahn Chah that have been translated into English and are published in 'The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah', 2011. This was read by Ajahn Amaro during the winter of 2012. (

    Borobudur Temple - First Gallery - Lalitavistara - Episode 1

    Borobudur Temple - First Gallery - Lalitavistara - Episode 2

    Borobudur Temple - First Gallery - Lalitavistara - Episode 3

    Borobudur Temple - First Gallery - Lalitavistara - Episode 4

    Borobudur Temple - First Gallery - Lalitavistara - Episode 5

    Borobudur - Lalitavistara

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