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i ) To propagate the Dharma
through the electronic
medium .
ii ) To link all Singapore
Dharmafarers and provide
healthy exchange of ideas
iii) To encourage Buddhist Organizations to publish
their activities in their own
iv) To link eventually with
Buddhist Nets from
other countries

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in this page , please e-mail your
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  • A Collection of Buddhist Sutras and Teachings
  • Buddhist Calendar in Singapore
  • Buddhist Web Card Service
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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  • Pictorial Tour of Buddhist Temples
  • Singapore Buddhist Organization Directory
  • Singapore DharmaNet Archive of Dharma Masters
  • World Buddhist News
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  • Alt. Religion Buddhism Tibetan Newsgroup
  • The Brahman

    He who has passed beyond
    this quagmire and delusion,
    who has crossed
    and gone beyond,
    who is meditative,
    free from craving and doubts,
    who,grasping at naught,
    has attained Nirvana

    - Dhammapada , Verse 414

    See Buddhist Holy Places and 4 Buddhist Sacred Sites . Interesting and historical sites of Lumbini,Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar, Sravasti, Sankasya, Vaishali & Rajgir ....

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